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Here at we believe that privacy and security is at the upmost importance. supports the right to privacy, including the rights of individuals to control the dissemination and use of personal data that describes them, their personal choices, or life experiences. is committed to protecting Personal Data of the users of our Website. supports domestic and international laws and regulations that seek to protect the privacy rights of such individuals.

Every page of our site is encrypted for your security and privacy!

No one can see your answers except for you (unless you choose to share certain answers with your family members)!

The site developers and designers can not even see your personal info or answers. We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with answering all of the questions on our site,and there are ZERO worried as far as your personal info getting out there!

We will never sell your information OR email address to anyone! We will never post your info to any social media website, and we will never send you any emails about anything other then!

Your Info and answers are under lock and key!

Keep privacy features and policies clear and simple

We make every effort to be transparent about our policies relating to your privacy. We want you to understand what personal information we collect from and about you, what we do with it, and how you can control your privacy settings.

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