Gen Forward Launch is a go! Please report any bugs!

The basic concept behind GenForward is fairly simple, however it’s potential and applications are far reaching and diverse. With this site we have created the first step in what we aim to be a much larger platform, to truly integrate generations of family and friends, as well as being an invaluable knowledge hub for all of our members.

Obviously with a project of the potential scope of GenForward, we were faced with the dilemma of what to put in, and what to leave out. Ultimately we decided that while we knew what we as individuals liked the idea of, maybe the larger user base would find those features of lesser use or even worse, irrelevant. Every additional feature we added would take time, and money and delay getting the site into the hands of our users, where it can become a living thing.

Rather than us sit in our isolation, happily coding feature after feature in the hope that people might use them, we though it better to get a functional site that fulfilled the first level of the GenForward mission. To that end we have produced a site containing several hundred questions, designed to provoke memories and trains of thought, which can then be recorded and viewed by other family and friends (whoever the user chooses).

Additionally there’s the ability to build your own family and friend network. And we’re not really talking about disposable Facebook friends here, who can be “Unfriended” at the click of a button. We’re talking about the real friends who know you best, who are a part of your extended family and with whom you want to share your life experiences and knowledge. GenForward is not about seeing who can get the most friends linked, it’s about the quality of your answers being shared with those who really matter to you, and to whom you matter.

So, where do we go from here? Well that’s really up to you as our members. We want to hear from you based on what you find when you start using the site. Every time you hit a point where you think, “I wish I could.....”, then we want to know about it! We already have our own ideas like increasing ability to add pictures and videos to answers, building a knowledge base through a subject based forum community, and making it possible to get your answers sent to you in book format, but we want to know what you as members want.

If enough people ask, we’ll build it, or get as close as we can. Obviously you may also run across the odd bug or typo, let us know about those too, we will fix them. In short, if you’re using the site properly it should involve spending a decent amount of time on it. We want that experience as user friendly as possible, and to give our members what they really want to make building a legacy for future generations as fulfilling as possible.

Use our contact page to mail us any and all suggestions you may have. We will post the best and most popular suggestions and see if they get traction. If the people say yes then we will listen to the Boss!