The GenForward Pledge

The Founders of GenForward realized something early on. We realized that GenForward was truly designed to serve people though the creation of legacies. As such it was important to ensure that GenForward's legacy itself would be special, to accomplish that we have expressed the soul of our company in our 9 point pledge.

1. Be a force for good.

2. Remember our roots

3. Stand up for others

4. Respect privacy

5. Create opportunities

6. Avoid the entanglements of politics

7. Listen to our community

8. Never stop improving

9. Plant trees in hearts and in the ground

Be a Force for Good

A famous company has a pledge to “do no evil”; we feel that is not enough. GenForward will be a force for good. The other eight tenants of our pledge are all derived from our guiding first pledge, to be a force for good things in the world.

Remember our Roots

GenForward is about creating a new type of family tree, one that begins with the creation of the roots vs. the search for the roots. GenForward though is initially funded by people that want to do good things though Indiegogo. To make sure we always remember our roots a portion of annual profits will be set aside to help fund the future Indiegogo campaigns of others who wish to be a force for good.

Stand Up For Others

Sadly in our society today, many times those attempting to do the most good come under hardships and even attack. Many crowd funding activities on Indiegogo have sought to help such individuals. GenForward pledges a portion of our profits to be set aside each year to help such individuals, be it via Indiegogo or though other channels.

Respect Privacy

There has never been a time in history where privacy was less respected by industry and government alike. We believe individuals have a fundamental right privacy and will never voluntarily share or sell the data of our customers with any entity outside of our company.

Create Opportunities

GenForward is the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and always will be. We know that many opportunities will be created as the company grows and we commit to empowering others though those opportunities. Whether though partnerships, sponsoring other entrepreneurs or spring boarding the ventures of members of our community, we will do our best to empower our community members toward their own successes.

Avoid the Entanglements of Politics

The owners, founders, employees and community members of GenForward all have differing political views. What they do as individuals is their own business. The company itself though exists to serve all of its members and will remain politically agnostic at all times. We will not contribute to political campaigns, lobby or otherwise become ensnared by political wrangling. We have a community to serve not a political agenda to push.

Listen to Our Community

Our customers are our community and we will always be sure their voice is heard. Companies have to make decisions about many things and can never give every customer exactly what they want at all times. Companies can however, engage with their customers, listen to them and seek their guidance and we pledge to always do so.

Never Stop Improving

The GenForward platform will always be seen as a work in progress. A significant amount of profit will always be invested in the talent and technology required to constantly improve it to better serve our community of customers.

Plant Trees in Hearts and in the Ground

There is an ancient Greek Proverb that reads,

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in”.

GenForward does this in the virtual world by connecting families though the generation in a new type of family tree, one that begins with the roots and grows forward. A collection of thoughts and answers that will shade future generations with the knowledge gained by those that came before them.

In this spirit GenForward will also commit a portion of annual profits to the planting of real trees in the physical world.  For we know that only with eyes on the future, can people do truly great things in the present.