10 Signs You’re Probably A Child Of The 70s

Today in the Genforward free online genealogy website blog I thought I’d just keep it simple and look at some of the things that for me really defined my childhood during the 70’s:


You know you’re a child of the 70’s if:

1)      Knee protectors meant skin


2)      Some Of These

Plus one of these

Made this

Into one of these


3)     You consider this to be commercial grade safety crash airbag suitable for safe landings from all heights (also note the correct location for sourcing these items)



4)      You were given these to play with as opposed to being arrested for carrying them as a weapon


5)      This was a gun with which you could lay waste to the Nazis (hey, it was the 70’s)


6)      When not on you bike, this could be considered transport


7)      This was a mobile phone


8)      This was the TV remote



9)      This was the coolest guy in the known universe


10)   And these were the most hilarious thing ever, when smuggled into school

(Although this one probably still holds true!)



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